Martin Rotheneder
Soulitaire - One Of Many Parts
Gesang, Gitarre, Songwriting
Ben Martin - Pirate Ships
Gesang, Gitarre, Songwriting, Drums & Percussion
I Am Cereals - Galaxy (Musikvideo)
Gitarre, Backing Vocals, Songwriting
Schattenkoenig - In Pose (Still Image)
Produktion, Co-Songwriting
The Black Riders - On The Horizon
Gesang, Gitarre, Live Loops
The Black Riders Live
Gesang, Gitarre, Live Loops
Jaramouche - Live Improvisations
Gitarre, Gesang

Lead Gitarre (Live & Studio)
ORF 2 a.viso
TV-Beitrag 2011
Julian Le Play (Live)
Lead Gitarre, Backing Vocals (Live-only Substitut)